How do these speakers compare to newer models from Altec Lansing? It’s true what they” they don’t make them like they used too”. It is not a hum but instead is a staccato. Alternatively maybe try international companies eg element14, rscomponents, mouser, amazon, dhgate, etc. You could use Wima, etc as well.

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Details and highs were acceptable. If the translation plus my guessing is correct, then this person is adding a variable resistor to change the tone? Apologies as I have not been in the market for new PC speakers for a number of years. Recently developed a short in the main cord that plugs into the sub.

Altec Lansing Acs33 PC Computer Sound System W/ Subwoofer | eBay

I found your page while trying to repair my own system. Thanks for keeping wltec thread alive! High and mids sound pretty decent to myself! I’m pretty new to this sort of thing, so I’m hoping I can find the components with the descriptions you’ve provided not really alltec much about them personally Is it possible to make the bass adjustable?

WCK January 30, at 9: The Klipse were such animals during the era of the ACS I have an acs33 system.


I bought a RCA 50″ flatscreen. Can i desolder and resolder that part and fix my speakers?

Altec Lansing ACS33 Multimedia 2.1 Computer Speakers W/powered Subwoofer

I would want to bybass the a. Alternatively maybe try international lansihg eg element14, rscomponents, mouser, amazon, dhgate, etc.

I would like to show a pic but dont see a place to ad photos here.

Bottom line is 1st, thank you for being around to ask questions to since Sunday, January 23, Although not really hifihaving a set of decent sounding speakers for the PC does help when you are listening to MP3, watching movies, accessing Youtube, etc – especially when you are used to a decent sound system!

Past incidents normally include a blown fuse, when the transformer goes e.


How do these speakers compare to newer models from Altec Lansing? Newer Post Older Post Home.

WCK July 20, at 9: RW February 6, at DO NOT loosen the screw attaching the speaker to subwoofer – can be frustrating putting it back!!! Phil Faulconer January 18, at 2: I still appreciate the power of the ACS33 and have been searching for something comparable for the same money to no avail. Unknown July 13, at 1: Hence have not heard the newer models. Do Not perform any of the following unless you are trained in altev precautions for handling electrical circuits!


Place a label on the AC Power cord stating not to plug in this cord because it is now atlec inside and can only be operated on a 12 supply at this time.

WCK June 12, at 8: Assuming the solder is starting to let go from wear and tear I thought of replacing the whole set until I stumbled across your Mod post. Do the Best you can with what you have, and then Smile!

It is not a hum but instead is a staccato. If that is not possible, how can I troubleshoot to determine if it is only the transformer or more components that are damaged?

Connection between the various components of the ACS are unique and would only fit into a specific slot.