I misread that myself the first times I tried ; Yes, you have to re-compile your kernel. I have a Logitech Chillstream pad, which works just fine under Windows. I’m having trouble getting my chillstream to work in linux. Can anyone give me a point by point of what to do? Documentation Xboxdrv provides extensive documentation in the form a man-page:

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Support Game technical issues.

Thats easy used lsusb in console. And not very frindly to gamer, but still managable in manual way.

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Support LinuxG via Patreon. The wireless receiver in an Xbox is internally connected via regular USB, it just uses a non-standard connector, so some soldering might be required.

Cihllstream cable is for recharging only chollstream does not transmit any input data over the wire. Documentation Xboxdrv provides extensive documentation in the form a man-page: I love playing with my gamepad and when Super Meat Boy comes out for Linux, boy am I going to need itbut I just can’t use it. I just bought a Chillstream and followed the steps in this thred, unfortunaly I can only make the mouse move.


To automatically add the repository to the sources. Thanks, I am going to try your method now, but I’ve got some questions: Found that out myself chlilstream a long time of trying all drivers. Good that you worked it out.

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SMOOTH fixed endian issues in Xbox and Xbox wireless controller fixed wireless controller not getting reset to neutral position on disconnected changed the meaning of –timeout 0 removed boost:: I used the xpad. Unlike the stock xpad kernel driver, xboxdrv provides a wide varity of configuration options, it allows you to simulate keyboard and mouse events, remap buttons and axes, apply autofire, invert axis, tweak axis sensitivity, emulate throttle and rudder controls and send macros.

Has anyone tried this driver? Usually it’s easy to use menuconfig, so you can find the options easily. Message for Guacamelee developers: For starters, some games like Bastion won’t detect the triggers, since they’re axes rather than buttons.


Joystick_lshal_outputs_done – Community Help Wiki

The development version of git aka the 0. And another thing about your file xpad. I don’t exactly know what tools Ubuntu has for doing this. I’ve had some trouble understanding this thread, and the path in Makefile was fkr for 2. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Try adjusting the terms of your search, you can search by game titles, publishers, and developers. No it doesn’t respond at all in Quake Wars. Do I have to compile the kernel? Posted July 26, For the time being it is recommended to stick with the 0.

Chillstream controller

Well, I tried it myself, works really well. Hi there, you actually need the xbox controller driver. On Linux, I’m having a ton of issues with the triggers.