If QuickStart is running while attempting to shutdown or restart the system the user may be prompted to end an internal process to QuickStart; select “end” to continue. Note that during this time publishing printing to acrobat will be unavailable. This folder will be referred to as the “Citrix-folder” in the following discussion. If the Installer cannot find the module. Automatic installation is available in the installer. Simply close the systray icon right-click, exit and continue using VBDemo. FontDemo is supplied in the installation directory and demonstrates how to use the supplied graphics library directly and indirectly using GDI functions.

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Next, add an “empty” identifier for each provider in the existing [VirtualDriver] section. The sections to be added may be simply appended to the end electrojics the file. This program is designed to perform most of the functions that can be performed with the ePad-ID device.

Electronic Signature Pads and Software | ePadLink

Configure the installation as you want all targets to be configured. To run this using the response file thus avoiding manual input to the setup programissue the following command on additional client machines this assumes you’ve copied setup.

In some cases applications attempt to access the COM port preventing the “just in time” connection to the RS port. Use the section names introduced previously for values:. The Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider supports the same capabilities as the Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider, but provides for stronger security through longer keys and additional algorithms. Installation can be automated by using response files. Note that no data reports will occur outside this region when this option is enabled.


Server Installation Client Installation. However it can cause delays when preparing to use the ePad as it must attempt to locate the device on all com ports. Interlink Electronics ePad v6. If this is an issue, go into the control panel and select the specific port that you know the pad is connected to.

There should already be a section named “ICA 3.

Software | ePadLink

Using the above example, the new identifiers would look like this:. This process may be disabled by writing a 0 value to the following registry key: The liberal use of spaces can be included to improve overall readability, but their use is strictly optional. This option will result in data only being reported within the specified inking region of the device.

There are two identifiers to be added to each section, “DriverName” and “DriverNameWin32”, both of which have as values the corresponding filenames. Citrix ICA client support is provided epsd the following ePad products by using the filenames designated:.

If the automated execution of the bioAPI Biometrics Application Interface installation files fail, you may have to run them manually. This file contains late-breaking information about the Interlink Electronics ePad product line applications and hardware.


To generate a response file, run setup. Double-click the batch file.

Epad 2 Interlink Electronics Signature Pad USB (epadlink)

If you are using the wintab emulation layer you can execute the “QuickStart” program — this will hold connections open to the service providers. First make sure there is no other wintab driver installed. Like all INI files, module.

The Enhanced provider is installed on your machine when you apply the Internet Explorer bit security patch available from http: The end result is that device functionality will be lost. This means Windows and XP may give “digital signature not found” messages when installing the drivers.

Earlier firmware versions also published a HID-mouse interface. Please ignore the messages and continue driver installation.


This warning message may be safely ignored. In some cases, the file it needs may not be found on the operating system disk; if so, you will get another message, this time asking for a specific file on the disk.

To perform this power on function, run the test utility and execute the ‘tfp’ option Toggle FP power. When you are installing the drivers, you might get a message like the following: